Sagittarius ascendant woman vedic astrology

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Sagittairus Rising in D9 Navamsa Chart in Vedic Astrology

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Life tips from hinduvedicastro. Unerring horoscope matching and Marriage counseling through Vedic astrology — In love prospects for Sagittarius Ascendant. Leave a comment Cancel reply. Book your Appointment to get Personalised hygroscopic prediction today. The trinal aspect to Leo and Aries will support growing popularity toward sports and athletic super-hero worship which will suddenly be crushed with peaks in absurd salaries as Jupiter moves into Capricorn in December On an emotional level, Jupiter in Sagittarius encourages us to expand our minds, accept the broader fabric of humanity and to develop our faith that things will work out.

Saturn in Sagittarius has been constricting that energy and when Saturn leaves Sagittarius in January and Jupiter gets fully there without restriction, humanitarian values should grow. Jupiter in Sagittarius will expand our sense of joy and hope and help us to search deeper for our true moral fiber so that we can restore faith and justice in the world. The US is a Sagittarius rising country July 4, , pm, Philadelphia and as Jupiter goes over the US ascendant in December , the US should have a rebirth of status and image and a restoring of our place in the world.

Until then, with Jupiter in Scorpio, it is still mired in a twelfth house transit and caught in the murky waters of the swamp. Maybe truth and justice will be restored to the US infrastructure with this transit. Jupiter is extravagant by nature so keep your credit cards at home when those sales emerge and remember moderation and avoid reckless spending. Jupiter will support generosity so use the energy to do more service work and contribute to more charities.

The Galactic Center at 3 degrees Sagittarius supports truth and whistle-blowers so expect that November and December , when Jupiter is conjunct this key area that major revelations around corruption will be exposed and be very clear to the public. Sagittarius is connected to hips and Gemini to lungs. Saturn in Sagittarius has been hurting these areas for many and Jupiter to the rescue in will be supportive and finally Saturn in Capricorn will bring relief to all the growing knee problems. Their insights and opinions are usually interesting and exciting, although sometimes lacking in details.

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Sagittarius rising people have opinions about everything, and they just love telling others exactly what they are. Not all people with this position are outgoing folk, but they all have a way of moving about that at least exudes a certain level of confidence. Some might even call them naive or overly optimistic. One of the most obvious and endearing traits of Sagittarius rising is their willingness to keep up a sense of humor.

The Sagittarius Rising And Ascendant Personality - A Complete Guide

Jupiter in Capricorn, for example, might give a more sarcastic approach, but underneath there lies an unmistakable hope and spirit for living. The characteristics of Sagittarius Ascendant described above are modified by planets conjunct the Ascendant, planets that aspect the Ascendant, and the position of the ruling planet of the sign on the Ascendant. For example, a person with a Sagittarius Ascendant with its ruling planet, Jupiter, in Libra will respond to the environment a little differently than another person, also with a Sagittarius Ascendant, but whose Jupiter is in Scorpio.

The following interpretations incorporate the position, by sign, of Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius. The sign position of Jupiter modifies your Sagittarius Ascendant characteristics.

Sun enters Scorpio

These interpretations are from the Karmic Insight Report , and are written from an esoteric viewpoint. While the Sun describes your conscious direction and current life focus, and the Moon your subconscious predisposition and past, the Ascendant indicates a way of being that transcends and embraces past, present, and future. It describes the way you engage and merge with the outer world and how you bring through into life the energies depicted by the Sun, the Moon, and the rest of your birth chart.

Everything is filtered through the Ascendant from an esoteric point of view. You may well be ahead of your time or at the fore front of coming trends and movements in the collective. You are a seeker, one who searches for the overview, the larger pattern, or a broad, over-arching philosophy of life — and also a teacher who conveys that vision or broadcasts it in some way. Your ruling planet is Jupiter. Your Jupiter in Aries suggests that leadership, spearheading new enterprises, and adventurously exploring new territory are part of your soul function.

SAGITTARIUS Ascendant and Nature of House Lords

Positivity and action are key qualities. However, overblown enthusiasm, not knowing limits, and a lack of humility or of follow through on your inspired plans can create non-fulfillment of your greatest potential. Your Jupiter in Taurus suggests that in addition to vision and optimism, you have the practicality and stability to bring your dreams into concrete manifestation.

You are gifted along material and financial lines, and are generous with your gifts. Business is a natural avenue of expression for you. Using the fruits of the earth wisely is a key to your fulfillment.

You don´t know your ascendant?

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Gemini Your Jupiter in Gemini suggests that your role is to be a messenger, which will involve educating, spreading ideas or information, communicating, or facilitating communications between others. Your Jupiter is in Cancer, which suggests that building a sense of community, of family, of support and nourishment for everyone is an important aspect of your soul function. Your compassion and empathy expresses itself as generosity.

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Though broad in your thinking and concerns, home and loyalty to your origins is very important to you. Your Jupiter is in Leo, which suggests the great warmth, enthusiasm, heart, and generosity of spirit that infuses your expression. You love the color, drama, and celebration of life, and are gifted with a contagious confidence. Extravagance could be a temptation, for you cannot conceive of doing anything on a modest scale. Large plans and organizing major productions are your forte.

Sagittarius Rising and Jupiter in Virgo Your Jupiter in Virgo suggests that in addition to your vision and your ability to see the big picture, you have highly developed critical and intellectual faculties. You believe very strongly in education and lifelong learning. You are meant to translate your philosophical beliefs into concrete, practical service, and are particularly suited to education, medicine, law — or somehow combining these together.