Horoscop sagittarius 24 january 2020

Sagittarius people have many great traits and a few bad ones that help to define their personality.

They tend to be optimistic, independent, fun-loving, careless, honest, restless, and direct. Sagittarius, you are likely to look for a change of pace in your love life this year, whether you are single or not. If you are single, then it is a good time to begin looking for a new partner. You are likely to find love with someone new rather than with a friend or an ex. You are more likely to meet new people if you try new things or go to new places.

Will be a good year for the Sagittarius?

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Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. If you are already in a relationship, this is a good year to dump them if your love life is going nowhere especially during the Mercury retrograde. But, it is also a great year to take things to the next level if things are going well. There will also be changes in your friends and family relationships in Questions like will the Sagittarius get married in or become pregnant will be on your mind.

You will need to be more optimistic around these people to keep their spirits up. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Sagittarius astrology foretells that you will make more progress at work this year. You will work more this year than usual. But it will also help you to become more successful as the year goes on. If anything drains your energy this year, it will be your job. While it may be a little annoying to feel tired after work, it will also help you to relax after work as well. This is also a good year to ask a superior for a project that you know you will like or start a new business.

Read More…. You were not able to cultivate patience while dealing with those matters and things went haywire indeed.

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You were more concerned about your career and personal life. Ganesha also feels that things didn't go well and your progress was at a turtle pace. You were overburdened at the workplace. You also encountered discord at marital front. You not only worked hard, but you didn't care about your health much. You were just paying attention to demands that you had in front of you and were just addressing those demands. Ganesha feels that the rewards that you received of your hard work were not so great but they were relatively lesser than your expectations.

You were trying to find stability at love front. You were looking for long term relationship and you must have found one too. However, being very emotional, may be your expectations from your partner remained very very high. You didn't want relation of few days or months or even short or long term affair.

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There was domestic unrest, unwanted shift of home or relocation or something that made you feel pretty unsettled. You were constantly concerned about something or the other. There was sheer sense of dissatisfaction. You had difficulty understanding demands of your family members. You were dealing with great work responsibilities.

Convincing neighbours or siblings was bit difficult for you. Ganesha feels that the period of two and a half years made you more responsible and attentive. You were trying to maintain your cool in all the situations to deal with the problems that you were encountering. You lowered the level of your expectations from others. You were working hard to accumulate more money during last two and a half years.

You were trying to save money or you were working harder to earn more and more.

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You realised that money was not supposed to fall in your lap easily so you chose to work harder. Family and related matters drew your attention. Your attempt was to keep things intact.

It was a depressing time. Harder you worked, harder circumstances became for you.

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You were trying to stick to your principles and views. You were stressed and it affected your health. You were trying to catch hold of the situation at work and family but things were not in your control. Since , Saturn has been cruising through Sagittarius, the constellation associated with discovery, philosophy, and spirituality. Over the past three years, we've seen a rise in industry-transforming technology think of services such as Uber and Lyft , radical shifts in the media industry, and renewed interest in astrology and occultism my personal favorite consequence of Saturn in Sagittarius.

On December 19, Saturn said au revoir to Sagittarius and moved into the Capricorn constellation, where it will coast for three years. Saturn will briefly shift into Aquarius from March to July , but will officially complete its Capricorn cycle on December 17, Saturn is the natural ruler of Capricorn, so its return to this constellation serves a cosmic homecoming. Though the stoic planet prefers not to show its excitement, Saturn is actually happy in its like-minded Capricorn domicile.

Both Saturn and Capricorn govern the patriarchy, economy, government, and big business, so over the next three years, we can expect massive transformations to occur within our institutional structures. Saturn last cruised through Capricorn from February 13 to June 9, , and then from November 11, to February 6, Read on for my answers to some of the most crucial questions about your Saturn return, including how to harness its energies to inspire positive growth.

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Simply put, your Saturn return occurs when this taskmaster planet moves back into the constellation it occupied at the time of your birth. It takes Saturn approximately Your first Saturn return serves as your cosmic coming-of-age: It's the push you need to get to the next phase of adulthood. Before our Saturn return, we are a construction of outside influences: We are living the lives imposed on us by our parents, teachers, peers, and general society. Generally speaking, this three-year period — which includes some intense moments as Saturn gets closer to its precise degree in your birth chart — is defined by the growing pains of radical transformation.

Once our Saturn return is complete, we are finally free to live our best lives as we define them.