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The future years are , and But, as you can quickly ascertain, it is not like clockwork. Now, we have to be realistic here.

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When it comes to the time of day and Full Moons, a lot depends on the "time zone" we are using when determining that event. If a Full Moon occurs on the first day of the month or on the last day of a month, there is the possibility that the occurrence will happen on the day before or day after based on a different time zone. It is possible to have two full moons in any calendar month with the exception of February since there are normally only 28 days in that month, except during a leap year when there are 29 days in February.

Unless I'm wrong and yes, that is conceivable I do not think it is possible for a second Full Moon to occur in the month of February. If a blue moon were to occur in February, then that would truly be a "once in a blue moon" event!

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I was not able to find any February blue moons in my year search of unusual moon events. If anyone can find a February blue moon, please feel free to send me an email with the year and time zone that it occurred in. The average number of days between Full Moons is This is called a lunation or synodic month. However, that is not an "exact" and it is possible to be a little shorter or a little longer in time depending on other factors. This year is associated with ups and downs in every aspect of life. Feng Shui experts claim that is going to be a balanced year if we refer to the relation between the five cosmic elements of the Chinese zodiac.

According to Chinese astrology, is the Year of the Metal Rat. Theoretically, people with Metal or Water as characteristic elements will be favored this year.

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The Years of the Rat are: , , , , , , , , , , The situation, from this point of view, is different from last year when in February there has been no Full Moon, and in January and March, this phenomenon happened twice — an event known as the Blue Moon. You are already waiting for your free time from work and the long hot days or are you afraid of the heat?

The thing with eclipses is that often that the things that happen to, around or within you could have the ability to change the course of your life — although you may not recognise it as such at the time. When I was first learning astrology, I saw eclipses as these mysterious and explosive events that could blow my personal universe off its self-important axis.

That was until the first time I had a direct hit — well, close to it… that I was aware of, anyway. It was March and the solar eclipse was at 28 Pisces — just 1 degree from my Moon. What happened? Nothing, not really. Later that year the lunar eclipse fell just 1 degree shy of my Mercury, and another solar eclipse missed my descendant by, yes, you guessed it, 1 degree.

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These were years when important issues were faced or changes occurred. Hindsight is a truly wonderful thing. The thing is, eclipses are not necessarily something to be scared of.

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They can be invigorating, they can be momentous, they can be electrifying and unpredictable — a little like Uranus in nature, a little like Pluto in nature. For example, eclipses in aspect to Venus will have something to do with relationship and values or your relationship to what you value or even how you are valued in the relationship.

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Eclipses in aspect to the Moon will be about your defences and emotional security — the whole breakdown and breakthrough theory. You know the thing — your walls come down in some way so that you can get closer to another.

When the eclipse aspects Jupiter, the theme is one of faith and growth — where you need to grow and need to dream and need to take risks in order to do so.